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This is an exciting opportunity to all local schools and colleges to develop a mooting club for your A-level students! This is an excellent opportunity for institutions to offer their students the chance to gain invaluable legal experience and the opportunity to develop the key skills required for the successful progression into higher education.

What is mooting?

A ‘moot’ is a mock trial, where students play the role of counsel and deliver individually developed arguments on a legal issue, mimicking a real life court scenario. While students play the role of counsel, one of our legal specialists will stand as the judge and provide feedback before deciding which student performed best. Mooting is a competitive activity with the winning student being offered the opportunity to obtain shadow work within our firm or within a real court environment.

As many students and teachers will now be aware, securing places in the country’s leading law schools is becoming increasingly difficult and universities are becoming inundated with applications from high performing candidates. Consequently, extra-curricular activities and experience gained outside of the classroom is an important consideration for admissions tutors when making conditional offers. However, securing work experience in a law firm can be equally as competitive and it is for this reason that participating in our mooting club will greatly benefit students and schools alike. While mooting plays a key role in most law schools, with some having a compulsory mooting module, it is a service that is seldom offered in schools and colleges. Participating in our mooting club is therefore an excellent opportunity to help your institution and students stand out from the competition.

How will mooting benefit your institution and students?
As aforementioned, those students who wish to read law at university will most likely be required to participate in mooting during their undergraduate degree, meaning any previous experience will ensure that they will deliver a successful performance. Furthermore many of the leading universities in the country run mooting competitions in partnerships with some of the UK’s leading law firms and competition winners often secure training contracts or work placements. Those who have experienced mooting previously will in no doubt be better prepared for degree level competition, and ultimately more likely to be successful in securing these prizes. While mooting offers a number of obvious benefits for students planning to read law at University, participating in a mooting club can be just as helpful for those who are applying for other subjects at University. Preparing for a moot trial requires students to research multiple key areas of law, develop and articulate complex, structured arguments before presenting and debating in front of an audience. These tasks will help students not only grow in confidence but also develop and strengthen a number of key skills that can be carried through into university and ultimately into the work place.
What we offer
  • The opportunity for the winner to gain work experience in our office and shadow in court.
  • Training to the students before the competition begins
  • Weekly or fortnightly mooting competition sessions.
  • A certificate of participation for all students and a certificate of achievement for the winner.
  • An enjoyable and educational experience that will ensure your students gain valuable legal experience and are best equipped when beginning their university career.
  • We are thrilled to have received excellent feedback from all of the participating students and schools


  • 100% of students said they learnt something new about law during their mooting sessions!
  • 97% of students stated that they would definitely consider a career in law after participating in the Mooters Club!
  • 97% of students would recommend The Mooters Club!
  • 90% of students rated the course instructor excellent!