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Spouse, Family & Private Life

EA Law Solicitors have a wealth of extensive experience in UK visa family applications, whether it be a spouse visa application, parent visa application to have contact with a British child in the UK or private life application based on strong human rights in the UK.

Our lawyers are highly successful in advising clients on UK family visas, and uniquely combine an efficient and specialist service with the empathy and confidentiality which naturally is expected with sensitive inquiries.

Spouse, Family & Private Life Applications
Spouse or Partner of a British citizen or person with permission to live in the UK
UK Spouse visa, Civil partner visa, 2 years unmarried partner visa and fiance visa. Applications can be made from outside or inside the UK (except fiance visa).
Parent of a child in the UK
A parent visa can only be made if the applicant is not eligible to apply as a spouse/partner. The parent visa can be made outside or inside the UK. The child must be either British, have settled or pre-settled status or have been living in the UK continuously for 7 years (only if you apply from within the UK).
Dependent child of a parent in the UK
The Dependent child can apply either at the same time as their parent or separately. Factors have to considered such as age of child, whether born in the UK and status of parent.
Private Life in the UK
If you’re already living in the UK, you can apply if- you are under 18 and you’ve lived in the UK continuously for at least 7 years, you are between 18 and 24 and you’ve lived continuously in the UK for more than half your life, you are 18 or over, have spent less than 20 years in the UK and would have very significant problems living in the country you’d have to go to, you are 25 or over and you’ve been in the UK continuously for 20 years.
When you first contact us we will obtain preliminary information from you and provide a complimentary free assessment. We will identify the work we can undertake, the best lawyer and team for your case, and provide a fixed fee quote. We will then arrange a paid for consultation with your lawyer either by Zoom or face to face at our London office.
At the consultation, your lawyer will provide a detailed assessment on viable family visa options and eligibility. They will advise on chance of success and best route. They will explain the process, time scale, discuss documents required and arrange a plan of action/strategy with you. The advice you will receive will be targeted and will detail an in depth knowledge of any identified issues. The plan of action/strategy agreed on will ensure you have a high chance of the best possible outcome for you and your family.

By covering all possible routes, we ensure that we will only submit the UK visa application with which you feel most comfortable and is best suited to your situation. We pride ourselves on our honesty in giving you our frank perception of the chance of your case succeeding, allowing you to be fully informed before deciding to proceed. This ensures that you are comfortable with your chosen immigration route and prevents any unnecessary costs.

For our high net worth Immigration clients; the plan of action agreed will include travelling to you in your home country and working exclusively with you and your team in the preparation and submission of your UK visa application.

EA Law’s fixed fee for the one hour consultation (by Zoom or at the office) is £138 plus vat (no vat if you live abroad). This fee will be deducted from our full fixed fee costs.

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