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‘So far as reasonably possible, an intending claimant should try to resolve the claim without litigation. Starting litigation should be a last resort.’

That’s where a PreAction Protocol, or PAP, comes in.

A PAP is a way for the claimant to bring up a claim to the defendant without using civil litigation. It outlines and explains the significance of the claimant’s claim.

Why does this matter to our clients?

Because, after the Home Office takes an unreasonably long time to decide on a claim–usually three to six months–we send a PAP directly to them, to remind them to make a decision.

The claims they often fail to decide on in a reasonable amount of time usually relate to important, and somewhat straightforward, applications such as Leave to Remain, Asylum, Spouse Visa, and many more common claims.

We demand a response from them within 14 days from when the PAP is received by them. This is a great way to get your applications processed quickly.

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