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There’s nothing more exciting than planning and booking a holiday, but equally, there’s nothing more irritating than delays and problems once you set off – particularly when these issues relate to the airlines and airports you’re using.

While it might not put you off a particular destination if you find that an airline has been underperforming, it’s always wise to arm yourself with the facts so you can give yourself as much time as possible to get to the airport and prepare yourself for something to go wrong.

New research from AirHelp has just revealed that three out of the ten most underperforming airlines in the world are based in the UK and Ireland. One of the world’s oldest carriers, Thomas Cook, was at the very bottom of the rundown in 72nd place. It’s main UK bases – Gatwick and Manchester Airport – were also at the bottom of the list for on-time performance.

Airline easyJet was named as the second worst-performing in the world, while Irish carrier Ryanair was named the fifth, let down by its claims processing score of 3.5 out of ten.

CEO and co-founder of AirHelp Henrik Zillmer said: “It is no surprise that the UK’s airlines are amongst the poorest performing in the world for compensation claims processing.

“Around one million Brits each year are eligible to claim compensation under European legislation (EC 261) following flight disruption, but over half (54 per cent) of claims made against UK & Ireland airlines made between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2018, were turned away by airlines trying to shirk their responsibilities on wrongful grounds.”

Talking to flight delay solicitors can help if you experienced trouble on a recent trip. Claiming can be tricky, even if you have a valid case but the flight claim team at E A Law will do all the hard work for you. You could be entitled to anything between £215 and £520, depending on the circumstances, so it’s certainly worth pursuing.